CVT-765 (Capacitor Voltage Transfomer Tester)

  • CVT-765
  • : Capacitor Voltage Transfomer Tester


    The CVT-765 can measure the turns-ratios of Capacitor Voltage Transformers ranging from 75 to 15,000. The measured turns-ratio, winding polarity, and winding phase angle are displayed on the unit’s LCD screen.

    A transformer’s nameplate voltages can also beentered, and the CVT-765 will display the turnsratio
    percentage error by comparing the test results with the nameplate voltage values.

    This convenient feature eliminates any user calculation errors when testing transformers.


    Operating Voltages
    The CVT-765 can be operated from 100 ~ 120Vac or 220 ~ 240 Vac.

    The proper voltage can be set using the voltage selection switch on the front panel.


    Outstanding features
    • Standalone or computer-controlled
    • Can test CVT's rated up to 765 KV
    • Displays turns ratios from 75 ~ 15,000
    • Calculates turns ratio percentage error when nameplate voltages are provided
    • Displays winding polarity and phase angle


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