DMOM-600 (10 to 20A true DC micro-ohmmeter with built-in thermal printer)

  • DMOM-600
  • : 10 to 600A true DC micro-ohmmeter with built-in thermal printer


    The DMOM-600 controls the test current’s rise and fall rates. The test current rise and fall rate
    can be selected from 5 seconds to 30 seconds.
    An “Auto Test” mode is also available and can be initiated simply by applying the sense cables’
    leads across the two points of interest in the currentpath.


    This feature is very convenient when measuring a sequence of several resistance values in a circuit breaker contact.

    The DMOM-600 can also compare test results against preset limits and determine if a test passed or failed, and a “Pass” or “Fail” fl ag is displayed accordingly.


    Since a true DC current (with controlled rise/fall time) is passed through the circuit breaker contact, no magnetic transient is induced into the breaker’s current transformers.

    This feature greatly reduces the risk of inductively tripping a breaker control (bus differential relay).


    Dual Ground Option
    With the Dual Ground option, the DMOM-600 can also measure the circuit breaker contact resistance with both sides of the breaker bushing being grounded.

    When a test current is applied to a circuit breaker with both sides grounded, some of the test current fl ows through the safety ground cables. Using an external current sensor, the DMOM-600 measures and eliminates this current from the total test current.

    It then calculates the actual resistance value of the circuit breaker.




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