TRM-20/TRM-40 (20A / 40A, Transformer resistance meters with auto-demagnetization capability)

  • TRM-20/TRM-40
  • : 20A / 40A, Transformer resistance meters with auto-demagnetization capability


    Since the TRM-20 and TRM-40 can accurately measure resistance values from 1 micro-ohm to 500 Ohms (upto 2,000 Ohms for the TRM-20), they can be used as micro-ohm meters to measure EHV circuit breaker contact resistance, or for any low resistance measuring application.


    If the transformer winding resistance temperature is available at the time of testing, the TRM can calculate the equivalent resistance value at any temperature value.

    This useful feature allows the user to compare the field readings against the factory test resistance values.
    A special test mode allows the TRM to collect data automatically for up to 90 minutes (at 60-second sampling interval) or 45 minutes (at 30 second sampling interval).


    Test data is recorded with a time stamp.
    All test results can be printed on a 2.5” wide thermal printer. Test record header information including the company, substation name, transformer information can also be entered using the 16-key key pad.
    The TRM-20 and TRM-40 can automatically demagnetize the inductive device under test, eliminating the manual task of demagnetizing the transformer core after a resistance test.
    The TRM can also be computer-controlled via the unit's RS-232C, USB, or Bluetooth interface.


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