CT-8000 S3 (Circuit Breaker Analyzer with 3 or 6 contacts and Dynamic contact resistanc testing capability)

  • CT-8000 S3
  • : Circuit Breaker Analyzer with 3 or 6 contacts and Dynamic contact resistanc testing capability


    The CT-8000 S3 is Vanguard's fourth generation EHV circuit breaker analyzer.

    The CT-8000 S3 is available with 3 (part number 9103-UC) or 6 contact timing channels (part number 9104-UC). The CT-8000 S3 can fully analyze a circuit breaker's perfor mance by measuring the main contact and resistor contact time, stroke, velocity, over-travel, bounce back and contact wipes.
    Also, an outstanding feature of the CT-8000 S3 is the ability to perform dynamic resistance tests on circuit breaker contacts.


    Breaker Initiate Features
    A built-in solid-state initiate device is used to operate a breaker from the CT-8000 S3. Operational modes include OPEN, CLOSE, OPEN-CLOSE, CLOSE-OPEN, and OPEN-CLOSE-OPEN. Multiple operation like OPEN-CLOSE, CLOSE-OPEN, and OPEN-CLOSE-OPEN can be initiated by using a programmable delay time (in milliseconds) or by sensing a specifi c breaker contact condition.


    Dynamic Contact Resistance
    The CT-8000 S3 can perform dynamic-resistance tests using a 200-ampere, built-in, DC power supply.

    One channel is available for performing a dynamic contact resistance test. The resistance measuring range is from 1 micro-ohm to 1,999 micro-ohms.

    The resistance chart can be used to analyze the circuit-breaker contact condition during the CB operation.

    This important feature can help detect circuit-breaker contact erosion or other contact problems that cannot be detected in static resistance tests.

    The CT-8000 S3 can also be used as a 200-ampere micro-ohmmeter to test circuit-breaker contact resistance and bus connections, or can be used for other applications where a low-resistance measurement is required.


    Contact Timing Input Channels
    The CT-8000 S3's dry contact timing channels (up to 6 channels) are used to time the circuit breaker main contacts.
    Each main contact timing channel is capable of detecting the main contact and insertion resistor contact time.

    Timing results are displayed in milliseconds and cycles.

    The CT-8000 S3's timing window is selectablebetween 1 second, 10 seconds, and 20 seconds.



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