CT-7000 S3 (Circuit Breaker Analyzer with 3 or 6 contacts)

  • CT-7000 S3
  • : Circuit Breaker Analyzer with 3 or 6 contacts


    The CT-7000 S3 is Vanguard's fourth generation EHV circuit breaker analyzer. The CT-7000 S3 is available with 3 (part number 9021-UC) or 6 contact timing channels (part number 9100-UC).

    The CT-7000 S3 can fully analyze a circuit breaker's performance by measuring the main contact and resistor contact time, stroke, velocity, over-travel, bounce back and contact wipes. Both contact and motion analysis can be performed on all circuit breaker operations (OPEN, CLOSE, OPEN-CLOSE, CLOSE-OPEN, and OPENCLOSE-OPEN). The CT-7000 S3's timing window is selectable between 1 second, 10seconds, and 20 seconds.


    Contact Timing Input Channels
    The CT-7000 S3's dry contact timing channels (up to 6 channels) are used to time the circuit breaker main contacts. Each main contact timing channel is capable of detecting the main contact and insertion resistor contact time. Timing results are displayed in milliseconds and cycles.


    Resistor Type Transducer Inputs
    The CT-7000 S3 offers 3 resistor type transducer input channels. These input channels are used to interface with any resistor-type transducer to monitor the circuit breaker motion. Transducer resistance ranges from 200 Ohms to 10K Ohms.


    Voltage Monitoring Channels
    The CT-7000 S3 features three voltage monitoring input channels (V1, V2, and V3).

    The V1 voltage channel is dedicated to monitoring the substation DC supply or coil voltage (0-255 V, DC or peak AC).

    The nominal and minimum DC supply voltage levels are recorded and printed on the tabulated report. An analog waveform showing the DC power supply is plotted on the graphical report.

    The two digital voltage input channels, V2 and V3, are dedicated to monitoring voltage on/off status presence or absence of the circuit breaker auxiliary switches.

    Digital waveforms showing V2 and V3 activity are plotted on the graphical report. Three timing events of the V2 and V3 activities are recorded and printed on the tabulated report.




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