MCCB-250 (250A Molded case circuit breaker tester)

  • MCCB-250
  • : 250A Molded case circuit breaker tester


    External Current Input
    The MCCB-250 also provides an external current input (0 – 10 A). Both internal and external current source readings can be viewed at the same time.


    Current Source
    The MCCB-250 has 4 current-source outputs(5 A @ 120 Vac, 25 A @ 24 Vac, 120 A @ 6Vac, 250 A @ 3 Vac) that conduct the test current through the high-impedance load circuits.

    Each current source can tolerate shortduration over-loads up to 4 times the rated current (1000 A max).

    This feature is used for testing the instantaneous trip element of molded-case circuit breakers.

    When using this feature, the selected test current is displayed on the LCD screen. When the MCCB-250 is used as a current source, the current flow time (the current-on period) is displayed on the LCD screen.




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