PCI-600 (Primary Injection Testing of protective relays)

  • PCI-600
  • : Primary Injection Testing of protective relays


    The PCI-600 is a programmable AC high-current source designed specifi cally for utility-substation applications.

    This device is well suited for primary injection testing of protective relays. This versatile device can also be used for testing thermal, magnetic, and solid-state motor-protection relays and molded-case
    circuit-breakers, as well as any application that requires a high-current source.


    Built-in Timer
    The PCI-600’s built-in timer can test the timedelay characteristics of protection relays and molded-case circuit-breakers. Once the test is initiated, the current source and the timer are automatically turned on at the next zerocrossing point of the AC.


    Current Source
    Test currents, ranging from 10 to 600 amperes, can be set by using the rotary dial knob on the
    control panel.


    External Current Input
    The PCI-600 also has an external-current input(0 – 10 A).

    Both the internal current source amplitude and the external current source measurement readings can be viewed at the same time.



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