CT-3500 S2 (3 Channel time/cycle timer-Circuit Breaker Analyzer)

  • CT-3500 S2
  • : 3 Channel time/cycle timer-Circuit Breaker Analyzer


    The CT-3500 S2 is Vanguard’s second generation, stand-alone, digital, microprocessorcontrolled,
    circuit-breaker timer.

    It measures the elapsed time from the instant a breaker coil is energized to the instant of opening or closing of a circuit-breaker’s dry contacts.


    In addition to timing a breaker’s contact response time, the CT-3500 S2 can also time relays or other switching functions that use an initiating trigger voltage (30-300 Volts DC or AC).

    The timer-triggering voltage starts three independent electronic timers. Each timer is individually stopped by its respective dry-contact closing or opening.


    The CT-3500 can fully analyze the timing of all circuit breaker operations (Open, Close, Open – Close, and Close – Open). Timing results are displayed in milli-seconds and cycles on the unit’s back-lit LCD screen and can be printed on the built-in 2.5-inch wide thermal printer.


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