TRF-250(3-Phase Transformer Ratio Finder)

  • TRF-250
  • : (3-Phase Transformer Ratio Finder)


    The 250V Test Voltage Advantage
    The 250V test voltage provided by the TRF-250 provides more accurate test results when measuring the transformer turns ratios of very large transformers with a built-in LTC.

    The three figures below show the turns ratio test results and corresponding percentage error of a 600MVA transformer with an LTC in the Lowest position using 40V, 100V, and 250V test voltages.

    At the 250V test voltage, the percentage error is less than 0.5% as specified in IEC 60076-1 and IEEE C57.12.00-2006-1 standards.


    Auto-Detect Transformer Configuration
    The TRF-250 can automatically detect 130 specific vector groups for different transformer types defined by ANSI, CEI/IEC, and Australian standards.

    Transformer Test Voltages
    To prevent an accidental wrong test-lead hook-up (e.g., when the operator reverses H and X leads), the TRF-250 outputs a low-level test voltage to verify the hook-up condition before applying the full test voltage to the transformer. Four test voltages (4 Vac, 40 Vac, 100 Vac, 250 Vac) allow the TRF-250 to test CT’s and PT’s, as well as power transformers.


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