ATRT-01 S3/ATRT-01B S3 (Single Phase, Transformer Turns-Ratio Tester)

  • ATRT-01 S3/ATRT-01B S3
  • : Single Phase, Transformer Turns-Ratio Tester


    The ATR-01 S3 can measure transformer turns-ratios ranging from 0.8 to 15,000 and can be used to test voltage regulators, power transformers, current transformers(CT), and potential transformers (PT).


    The ATRT-01S3 also measures and displays transformer- winding excitation current, winding polarity, and winding phase angle.

    Test results are displayed on a back-lit LCD screen(128 x 64 pixels) that is viewable in bright sunlight and low-light conditions.

    In addition to measuring a transformer’s turns-ratio, the transformer’s name plate voltages can also be entered, and the ATRT-01 S3 will then display the turns-ratio percentage error.


    This convenient feature eliminates any user calculation errors when testing transformers.
    When testing a 3-phase transformer, the ATRT-01 S3 provides connection information (H and X test leads to the transformer bushings) for phase A, B and C tests.
    The three phase test results (turns-ratio, excitation current, winding polarity, phaseangle, and percentage error) are displayed on the LCD screen.


    outstanding features :
    • Standalone or computer-controlled
    • Inexpensive
    • Displays turns-ratio from 0.8 ¬ 15,000
    • Calculates turns-ratio percentage error
    • Displays winding polarity and phase angle
    • Displays excitation current
    • Battery or AC-powered (ATRT-01B S3 only)



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