VBT-75P S2 (Portable 75 kV Vacuum Bottle Tester, Printer)

  • VBT-75P S2
  • : (Portable 75 kV Vacuum Bottle Tester, Printer)



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    The VBT-75P S2 are microprocessor-based, portable, dc (75 kV, respectively) vacuum bottle testers. These lightweight, portable testers are designed for testing circuit-breaker vacuum bottles in the fi eld and at the shop.

    Test voltages can be selected from 10 kV dc to 75 kV dc in 5 kV steps for the VBT-75P S2.

    The high-voltage test time can be set from 5 seconds to 2 minutes.

    The test voltage is raised to the selected voltage and held for the test time duration. After the test time duration has elapsed and the leakage current did not pass the preset value of 100 μA, 200 μA, or 300 μA, the test voltage is returned to zero.


    If a fl ash-over condition occurs, such as bottle failure, the test voltage is immediately turned off, a “Failure” message is displayed on the LCD screen, and the “TEST FAIL” LED light on the unit is also illuminated.

    The presence of high voltage is indicated by an audible tone and an illuminated “HIGH VOLTAGE” LED light. For additional operator safety, an “ARM” switch must be held down during testing.


    The VBT-75P S2 can store up to 84 records of 16 readings in Flash EEPROM. Test records can be retrieved and printed on the built-in thermal printer, or they can be transferred to a PC via the unit’s USB Flash drive port.







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