TDR900(Circuit Breaker Test System)

  • TDR900
  • : 차단기동작분석장비


    Perform timing functions for up to 4 breaks per phase with motion


    The TDR900 Circuit Breaker Test System is a precision instrument for testing all types of circuit breakers. It detects main contact and resistor switch timing errors for up to four breaks per phase with motion measurements, at a resolution of 100 μs.

    The TDR900 controls circuit breaker trip and close commands, allowing you to perform the following operations:

    Trip (O)

    Close (C)

    Reclose (O-0.3s-C)

    Tripfree (CO)



    First Trip (O)

    Slow Close (C)



    T-Doble Software

    The TDR900 comes with T-Doble software for improved data management capability. With intuitive T-Doble software, you can:

    Make and compare breaker timing measurements.

    Create easy-to-use test plans and view test results.

    Plot, overlay, analyze, and print data.

    Import TDR9000 and TR3100 test result data and test plans.


    Features and Benefits

    High-accuracy motion recording. Patented digital rotary/linear transducer provides early diagnosis of mechanical problems and auxiliary switch and main contact timing errors.

    Immune to interference. Accuracy of test results is unaffected by electrostatic and electromagnetic interference in substation environments.

    Rugged and reliable. Single-box solution provides the accuracy of a laboratory instrument with durability for field use.

    User-friendly PC interface. Intuitive software control panel on your PC permits quick, efficient testing.


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