Calisto501/901 (Online DGA Monitor for Power Transformer and Other Oil-Field Electrical Assets)

  • Calisto501/901
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    Complete DGA - Moisture

    Avoid what could become a costly transformer failure by choosing our new generation of multi-gas on-line monitors. The Calisto901 is a powerful tool for transformer condition assessment.

    This generation of Calistos uses gas chromatography with proven reliable results.
    This is a physical method of separation in which the components to be separated are distributed between two phases, one of which is stationary (stationary phase) while the other moves in a definite direction (mobile phase).


    NEW: Doble Calisto T1(Video)_April.28,2021 


    Accurately monitor all atmospheric and fault gases

    Identify and monitor faults using any diagnostic method

    Be alerted to unintended air ingress or accelerated oxidation

    Ensure total combustible and dissolved gases remain within safe limits

    Monitor any gas profile, from very low to extremely high concentrations



    Measures all seven fault gases plus oxygen and nitrogen

    Industry leading detection limits

    Automated self-calibration using certified primary grade gas

    Intuitive front-panel display interface

    Built-in oil circulation and flow monitoring

    Continuous enclosure and oil conditioning

    Communication protocols: DNP3, Modbus, IEC 61850 (optional)

    Vacuum tolerant

    Substation hardened communication electronics

    Built-in moisture and solubility coefficients for all common insulating fluids



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