Calisto 2 (Online DGA Monitor for Power Transformer and Other Oil-Field Electrical Assets)

  • Calisto 2
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    Hydrogen – Moisture Carbon Monoxide


    Combine early fault detection and monitoring of cellulose degradation
    CALISTO 2 is Morgan Schaffer’s newest innovation for value-added transformer fault detection and monitoring. Still featuring unequalled performance and stability for the measurement of moisture and dissolved hydrogen—THE key gas for detecting incipient faults at their earliest stage—CALISTO 2 also offers independent measurement of carbon monoxide, a gas often generated in large quantities when transformer cellulose overheats. CALISTO 2 is supplied standard with DNP3.0 and MODBUS communication protocols, thus allowing easy deployment within existing communications and SCADA networks.


    NEW: Maintenance - Instructional Video 



    Be alerted to accelerated aging of solid insulation

    Make informed maintenance decisions

    Easily install and integrate monitor within existing operations

    Be alerted to any monitor malfunction and low oil circulation

    Easily replaced with Calisto 5 or Calisto 9 if required



    Additional measurement of dissolved carbon monoxide

    Built-in oil circulation and flow monitoring

    Continuous enclosure and oil conditioning

    Communication protocols: DNP3, Modbus, IEC 61850 (optional)

    Vacuum tolerant

    Substation hardened communication electronics

    Built-in moisture and solubility coefficients for all common insulating fluids


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