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    Accuracy, Speed and Repeatability

    Offering repeatability better than or equal to ASTM D 3612 or IEC 60567, the MYRKOS Portable DGA MicroGC measures separately the seven most significant fault gases within 120 seconds. In addition, the instrument measures both air components (oxygen and nitrogen) using a specially designed O2/N2 kit.

    MYRKOS is a portable Micro Gas Chromatograph that can measure separately the seven fault gases found in transformer oil when a problem is developing. In addition, MYRKOS also measures both air components: oxygen and nitrogen. Unlike other portable gas-in-oil analyzers, MYRKOS is as reliable as a laboratory, unbelievably fast and offers true repeatability, producing results you can trust.

    The MYRKOS Portable DGA MicroGC is used with Morgan Schaffer's Shake Test™ syringe to analyze oil samples within two minutes.

    MYRKOS is supplied with the PPMreport™ control and database management software. Designed for both the new user and experienced equipment operator, PPMreport™ is available in six different languages. The software also supports seven oil types, each featuring its own set of solubility coefficients, thus providing gas-in-oil measurements of the highest precision and accuracy.

    PPMreport™ is easy to use and generates reliable reports in minutes; data is automatically stored electronically and can be printed or exported in .csv format to third party software and to Morgan Schaffer's new MS Oil LIMS web-based application.



    Accurately measures all atmospheric and fault gases

    Congruous with any laboratory DGA results

    Maintenance-free operation

    Low ownership cost



    Interference-free measurement of all nine gases

    User-friendly calibration system using certified primary gas

    Generates precise and accurate results within two minutes of injection

    Intuitive step-by-step on-screen operation

    Interface software in six languages

    Built-in diagnostic tools

    Built-in solubility coefficients for all common insulating oils



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