VTNI - Variable Threshold Neutral Isolator

  • VTNI
  • : Variable Threshold Neutral Isolator


    Since 1983, Dairyland has offered the Neutral Isolator as the preferred solution for addressing "stray voltage" on farms. Power utilities who wish to isolate their primary neutral from the customer's secondary neutral can prevent undesirable primary neutral-to-earth voltage (NEV) from affecting the customer system. Where utilities have concerns about NEV effects on dairy or other livestock operations, the Neutral Isolator offers the most effective and safe solution for separating the two systems under normal conditions, yet solidly re-bonding the two ground grids under lightning or AC fault conditions.

    Note: The Dairyland model VTNI is not authorized for use in solving nuisance shock to persons at swimming pools or similar human health situations where structure to ground voltage is present. Instead, proper bonding and grounding techniques need to be applied to solve such problems.



    Features and Characteristics

    Solid-state, fail-safe design

    Adequate voltage threshold of 45V to avoid nuisance switching

    Variable threshold design blocks transients

    Meets NESC 97D2 for isolation

    High impedance to AC and DC current when in the blocking mode

    Note: Due to the installation process for these devices, VTNI units are sold only to power utility companies, or their distributors.  Please contact us if you have questions in this regard.


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