FM-140XL (Digital Conductivity Meter)

  • FM-140XL
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    The Centurion NDT Model FM-140XL conductivity meter makes conductivity testing simple and worry  free... for most non-ferrous metal testing. Portable, yet ruggedly designed, it instantly generates readings with a bright, direct digital display, in percent IACS (International Annealed Copper Standard). To prolong battery life, readings only display when probe and testing surfaces meet.

    The FM-140XL delivers precision accuracy to +/- .5% of the readings at 20° C. Included is a RS-232 port which allows the user to download information to computers, micro-controllers or other peripherals. The FM-140XL is housed in a compact, lightweight and shock resistant case for long life and durability. Placing the probe against the testing surface generates a direct conductivity reading in large brilliant LED digits. The front panel features a sorting gate, go/no-go, red or green LED display.


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