제목 International Conference of Doble Clients
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  • International Conference of Doble Clients


    April 3, 2016 - April 8, 2016

    Westin Boston

    The world’s premier conference for the electric power industry. Addressing the concerns of the power industry through education, discussion and collaboration.

    The power industry faces a long list of challenges and concerns. At the International Conference of Doble Clients, we bring together your peers in the power industry to discuss the pressing topics that impact your job. Covering everything from asset management and replacement strategies, storm preparedness, operating concerns and diagnostic approaches, together we learn and discuss ways to optimize operations and maximize performance – all to ensure the reliable flow of power.

    The agenda for the technical presentations is designed exclusively by and for the benefit of the electric utility, testing and industrial company delegates. Unlike other industry conferences, this Conference continues to hold firm to this differentiation. The Conference program is created by nine Client Committees, each having unique expertise in a particular area.






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