제목 Doble Client Conference
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  • September 27 – October 2, 2015 | New Orleans, Louisiana USA


    Discuss maintenance, apparatus and safety issues with your colleagues.

    By joining the discussion in New Orleans, you are showing your commitment to the immense responsibility we all share – keeping the power on.

    The power industry faces a long list of challenges and concerns, we bring together your peers to discuss the pressing topics that impact your job. The Doble Client Committee Meetings provide the opportunity for Doble’s utility, industrial and testing company clients to discuss their maintenance and apparatus issues freely without the presence of manufacturers or insurers. Delegates also select the topics that will be presented at the following year’s annual International Conference of Doble Clients held in Boston, MA, USA.

    The committee meeting agendas are designed exclusively by and for the benefit of the electric utility, testing and industrial company delegates. The Conference program is created by eight Client Committees, each having unique expertise in a particular area.

    Committees include:

    Arresters, Capacitors, Cables and Accessories (ACCA)

    Asset and Maintenance Management (AMM)

    Bushings, Insulators and Instrument Transformers (BIIT)

    Circuit Breakers (CB)

    Insulating Materials (IM)

    Protection, Automation, Communications and Controls (PACC)

    Rotating Machinery (RM)

    Transformers (TX)


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