제목 Life of a Transformer™ USA
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    The World’s Premier Training Experience on the Most Critical Aspects of Large Power Transformers


    Learn practical information from industry experts for immediate, measurable impact at any point in the lifecycle of your transformers.


    You work with transformers every day, but do you know everything you need to know about transformers? Over 6,500 global delegates over the past 12 years have benefitted from Doble’s Life of a Transformer Seminar.

    See why so many people say this seminar is a critical training opportunity for every transformer engineer and new electrical power engineer.

    The agenda is based on attendee feedback placing emphasis on practical, real-world concerns. This is your opportunity to get answers from top transformer experts to your pressing work questions.


    New for 2015

    Learn actionable, intelligent transformer life cycle management and deployment of new, innovative technologies

    Enhanced Professional Program will many new advanced topics including short circuit withstand, thermal design and noise mitigation

    New three day (including one day Laboratory Seminar) Transformer Maintenance Program designed specifically for field maintenance professionals

    Excellent venue in San Antonio, Texas with strong support from our host companies, CPS Energy and Calpine

    Hear from industry experts from SPX, ABB, Siemens, Delta Star, Xcel Energy, Reinhausen, Baron USA, Unifin, Trantech, Beckwith, Southwest Electric Company and Doble Engineering Company.


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